Repo List for jailbroken iOS 13 devices


Last modified: 17.02.2021
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Have a jailbroken iOS device?
Need new software sources?
This is the right article for you!

Cydia by default only supports adding one software source at a time, initiating an update of all software sources while adding your url. When you want to add around 100 urls that can take up to a day…. Therefore I recommend that you check out zebra package manager. Using zebra you can add multiple urls which greatly reduced the time and effort needed.

Now enough of the intro – let’s dig in as cortana always so eloquently tells me before I mute her.
The following list contains external urls – I have no control over what you might or might not find visiting those urls and I am not responsible for the content on these urls. So if you are not OK with this feel free to leave now. Else proceed.
non working at the moment:
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