HowTo Update an Ampache Catalog via Commandline


Last modified: 23.02.2021
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Catalog and or Metadata Updates take a lot longer when done through the WebUI – therefore it might be easier to update an Ampache Catalog through the commandline interface.
cd into the directory where Ampache is installed

for QNAP this is usually /share/Web/ampache

execute the following command

php -d memory_limit=1G bin/

this command will update all catalogs

Alternatively, you can specify different arguments if you do not want a full update to be performed. For instance, if you’ve recently added another artist’s songs to your database, then running an ‘add’ function on the database is going to be far faster. These arguments are -c, -v, -a and -g. The order that this is performed in is always the same:
Gather Art

Commands can be joined into a single argument. This example will clean deleted files, add new ones and gather the art for these new files on a single catalog called music.

php -d memory_limit=1G -f bin/ -- -n music -cag
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