HowTo Use Bitwarden-RS Docker Image on Synology


Last modified: 23.02.2021
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Bitwarden is an easy to use, selfhosted password manager with clients for iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, …
The Web Interface is quite nice too, the synchronization flawless and it has several great features like 2 factor auth …

Here is how to setup a BitwardenRS Container on Synology. BitwardenRS is a rust implementation that a a lot easier to use than the original bitwarden docker image.


Using the Docker App on your DiskStation click on Registry and type BitwardenRS. Click on Search. Choose the Bitwardenrs/server Image and click on Download.

You do NOT want to download the latest tag. That will make updating a pain in the a*!. Manually choose the latest version instead. At the time of writing this is 1.17.0

After a few moments the image will be downloaded and available in the Image Tab of the Docker App. Select the image and click on Launch

Creating the Container

These are my settings, they work well – but you might need the values to your environment.


Do not forget to fill the fields marked with arrows with the appropriate values or it won’t work.

That’s it – Launch the container and set the proper portforwarding rules and you’re all set.

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