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HowTo Update an Ampache Catalog via Commandline

February 23, 2021
Catalog and or Metadata Updates take a lot longer when done through the WebUI - therefore it might be easier to update an Ampache Catalog through the commandline into the directory where Ampache is installed execute the following command php -d memory_limit=1G bin/catalog_updat...

Backing up MySQL / MariaDB with mysqldump

September 12, 2020
This method is as far as I know the quickest option to backup databases - and the restore (in case ever needed) is as easy as the backup and works for sure. Backing up a single database To backup a single database use mysqldump -u USERNAME -p DATABASE-NAME > DATABASENAME-$(date +%...

HowTo mount a QNAP samba share automatically in Ubuntu

October 15, 2020
1. Creating the credentials file Create a cifscredfile in your home directory - for example like this nano /home/lars/cifscredfile Then enter the following: username=lars password=password domain=QNAP Save the file with STRG + o and exit nano with STRG + x. Next restrict the access t...

HowTo use passwords in scripts

August 31, 2020
You might want to use passwords in scripts. as the interactive password entering is not possible in scripts, here is a work-around. First install expect (assuming you are using Ubuntu or a similar distribution type the following: sudo /apt-get install expect after that the following can be...

How to clean the OKM_ACTIVITY table in OpenKM

November 27, 2020
Article to explain how to clean the OKM_ACTIVITY table in OpenKM a selfhosted document management system.

HowTo Stop Musicbrainz Picard from adding underscores when renaming files

December 7, 2020
This articles shows how to prevent the adding of underscores to file names when renaming music files with Musicbrainz Picard.

File Renaming with Musicbrainz Picard

December 8, 2020
This article shows how to rename music files with musicbrainz picard and how to add the user defined language picard tagging to notepad ++

How to use Dos2Unix recursively

February 8, 2021
This article explains how to use dos2unix - a command line tool - recursively.