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Big & Beautiful

What you need to know

The Prince ties with VCK across town for the biggest selection men in Bangkok game for full-services. There are a lot of guys at these shops. Most (roughly 70-80%), however, are straight. The prices are at the high end. There is also a lot of turnover and quality control seems largely absent. Some specific things to be warned about:
You may think you’ve booked a 60 minute or 90 minute massage, but it will invariably come up short on time. It’s definitely not worth booking a 90 minute massage. Go with a 60 minute massage and just be prepared that the guy may want to rush the whole thing so he can get back out there and get another customer.
The massage skills are likely to be closer to mediocre than good. Go for the fun stuff. Don’t go for the massage skills. (If the massage skills are important, the boutique type shops will invariably be better – and you might even find a bit less attitude when it comes to the fun stuff as well.)
You may try to book someone ahead, but they doesn’t mean much of anything, so don’t bother. The guy you booked may have gone with another customer and management doesn’t seem to see any problem with that.
Nice upscale facilities on a quiet side street. Rooms are on the smaller side with mats on the floor, private shower and one mirrored wall. Linens a bit tired. Masseur naked throughout. Typically shower alone before and more often than not after. There are VIP rooms with beds and jacuzzis. Prince has recently been refreshing the showers, which had gotten a bit mildewed. On a less great note, Prince seems to have stopped offering customers a drink of water or juice after the massage is over — a particularly misguided decision. And perhaps a telling sign, at Prince no one will ever ask you “how was your massage” when it’s over and you’re leaving.

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