This is mostly a portal page which allows easy access to the various cloudservices I use and self-host. Feel free to roam – most of them require to be registered though. But of course you can also register in case you’re interested.


You can read several magazines right here on these pages. You’ll probably find some magazines about computers, digital stuff and gay magazines.
Fell free to browse what’s available


My Personal File-Cloud

I host a Nextcloud Instance with some very usefull apps.
Files are being synchronized across my devices, pictures are being backed up, I can read e-mails, news, check my calender, …
Nextcloud is very useful – more so as I also have an office Server running that allows me to edit and create office documents right in the cloud.


My DocumentArchive in the cloud

After years of searching and trying and failing I finally found my current document management system. Not really easy, but opensource and it has all the features I like. Document Versioning, Tags, EMails, Notes, conversion, online text extraction… in case you wonder: It’s OpenKM.
And of course you need a valid login to see my documents 🙂



Handpicked MusicVideos that I watch over and over again – either because the video is awesome or because the song is awesome.


Entertainment until you drop

I’m running a Jellyfin Server to provide access to my media while I’m not at home. It is similar to Plex but free, open sourced and easy. I love it

All my movies, TVShows, music, eBooks and more are accessible through one of the mobile apps or using the webinterface.


all my pictures

I have a Synology DiskStation at home. The “new” App for managing pictures, called Moments is just awesome. My photos are being uploaded automatically, then tagged, face-recognised and handed back to me with a proposal for enhancements 🙂
Easy. And safe, as all the data is safely stored at home.


easy photo editing

Basic editing of photos like resizing or adding frames are possible online, free and without registration. The server just provides the editing capabilities, pictures won’t be stored. After you finished editing them to your liking you download your picture and can start with the next one.

Regarding your privacy:
The pictures are not stored on my server. So what’s lost if you don’t save, that’s lost forever.



As written above I own a Synology DiskStation with so many features. It’s running nonstop to provide some of the services mentioned here and mostly as a database server for my home network.

Synology provides a Webadministration Interface -similar to a Cloud Computer Desktop. Accessible here